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As an industry leader in the manufacture of silicone rubber keypad and mobile keypad, ZHENYUAN company is a successful,our products and services include compression rubber keypads, In-Mold-Decoration, injection molded plastics.

Customer base
The company serves a long list of market leaders within their respective fields in the Automotive, Computer, Industrial Controls, Telecom, HVAC, Exercise Equipment and Consumer Electronics areas. To ensure that our customers receive the quality products and services they deserve, the company takes great pride in hiring qualified, educated people to join its highly skilled, well-trained staff.


Is Zhen yuan plastic mould right for you?
Are you a team player looking for a challenging position in the keypad and plastic mould & housing?
Are you interested in starting a career at a growth-oriented company rather than finding just another job?
Do you take pride in your work and have experience working in the electronics industry or as a customer service representative?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you might be qualified for a position at ZHEN YUANas a sales person or an account manager.


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