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QI wireless charging treasure case series

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Wireless network card shell WK05 champagne gold

Company profile

Shenzhen ChengFa plastic mould products co., LTD. Is a "industrial design" "mold development and manufacturing" "molding" "surface treatment" product assembly, etc as the core competitiveness of private enterprises.

"Innovation and reasonable, scientific and comprehensive" concept, combined with superb technology and persistent attitude, win the trust of customers, won the praise of customer and market, this is our design ability and the service idea and provide domestic and foreign enterprises from the market survey, product positioning, appearance design, structure design, production support and so on, the whole process of industrial design development manufacturing solutions. Strive to design each product for the customer in terms of aesthetics and manufacturing, and commercial get perfect combination!

Our company has a strong mold development and production capacity and product manufacturing capabilities, the existing advanced CNC machining center 2, computer engraving machine 2 sets, computer 8 spark machines, line cutting machine 4 units, milling, turning, grinding, drilling, engraving machine and other kinds of processing equipment more than 30 units, fully realize the integration of CAD/CAM processing. Equipped with 100 grams to 1500 grams of plastic injection molding machine more than 10 units, and have all dustless coating production line and assembly line products, all-round to meet the general need of our customers, can efficiently meet the needs of customers at home and abroad of product quality and on time delivery requirements, get customers a high degree of trust and recognition, plans to welcome customers like to negotiate advisory!

Address: China guangdong shenzhen baoan district xixiang RongDong industrial zone

Telephone: 86 + 0755-61511962 29976686

The true: 86 + 0755-86

Sales manager: Yu Xiaojie: 13715391565 Q Q: 13715391565 1664684699

Head: xie: 13560760422 Q Q: 13560760422 1550943963

Merchandiser: Deng Xiaojie: 13537875318 Q Q: 13537875318 476883054

Mail box: [email protected]

CTP: http://shengfakj.cn.alibaba.com

Clean out treasure: http://shengfakj.taobao.com

Official net: http://www.0030494.buzz

Automobil: http://shengfamj.b2b.hc360.com

ChengFa photo: http://shop.paipai.com/174666683

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