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  Basic structure of m  
According to the structure characteristics and use occasions classificationTwo plate mold used most frequently, try to useMould surface finished pin-point feed, product structure needsThe second half mold mold inverted hook, while the surface can not have binding lineHot runner to replace the board, material saving, reduced cycle, stable moldingTwo-color mode of product structure and appearance of the needDie from die products can mold big points into the glue used, without feeding.IM automatic feeder to achieve IM products automatic productionTwo time ejection inclined top solve the mucosa, or barb forced demouldingQuick dismounting to improve mold repair frequency, product of the cooling requirements are relatively lowAccording to the definition of classification systemThe gating system of injection machine nozzle into the mold cavity until the plastic flow channelParticipate in product forming workpiece forming systemThe roof system will be molded products from the cavity of the ejecting mechanismExhaust system of plastic molding and cavity in the gas dischargeCooling and heating system includes cooling water, mold temperature machines and related heating componentPositioning and orientation system assurance activities of the parts according to the established trajectoryThe inverted hook processing ( Molding & Top & exhaust ) products can not be the normal release position processing雙語對照查看
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