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Shenzhen Sheng made of plastic mold Products Company LimitedStandard problemThe inner mold provided with the meter gauge fan file numberFile versionPage 10 page first page number1 purpose:This standard set of plastic mold design principles, methods and requirements of.2 scope of application:This standard applies to plastic mold design.3 design elements3.1 products process analysis and mould pitch determination3.1.1 products should have sufficient strength and rigidity.3.1.2 products of uniform thickness, changes less than 60 percent; for special thick parts to take measures reducing glue.3.1.3 stiffener end thickness of no more than half the thickness of product.3.1.4 products on the text on the principle of using convex word, in order to facilitate mechanical processing.3.1.5 products shape should avoid the die structure of thin steel bit.3.1.6 technology fillet consider service performance of products, whether the benefit of mechanical processing.3.1.7 draft to determine3.1.7.1 customer information clear and reasonable draft requirements, according to customer requirements for design draft. customer data draft unreasonable, communicate with customers to determine the reasonable draft. customer information not specified or not clearly ejection angle, should be clear about the customer requirements and then determine. does not affect the product assembly of the parts should be designed more than 1 degrees of a draft, but need to prevent shrinkage; may affect on product assembly parts, assembling clearance to do a draft. shall be determined by calculating the reasonable draft: special requirements ( such as resistance striae and other ) products, a draft shall be not less than 2.5 DEGThe 3.2 mold classification: according to the mold size will die is divided into large, medium, small class.3.2.1 die size more than 6060 called large mold.3.2.2 3030-6060 for medium-sized mold die size.3.2.3 die size below 3030 for small die.The 3.3 mold selection and design3.3.1 preferred standard mold, according to the specific ' / Ming standards.3.3.2 if the selection of non-standard mode embryo, the priority choice of standard thickness, with specific reference to us / Ming standards. large non-standard mode embryo, guide column diameter not less than 60mm e, the guide sleeve made of cast copper. large non-standard mold guide sleeve Kong Bihou shall not be less than 10mm, back to the hole wall thickness of 35-40mm, back needle with a diameter of not less than 30 dia.Shenzhen Sheng made of plastic mold Products Company LimitedStandard problemThe inner mold provided with the meter gauge fan file numberFile versionPage 10 page second page number3.3.2.3 large non-standard mode embryo A board, B plate lifting screw hole for the M36- as likely to produce a larger lateral pressure (cavity depth more than 50mm ), non-standard large mold should design the original body check mouth. more than 4040 A, B board base surrounded by ring hole, and each board and ring hole.The 3.4 stock margin selection3.4.1 common mold fine material generally do not stay machining allowance. Height left 0.5-1.0mm allowance.3.4.2 die fine material for 0.5-1.0mm machining allowance.3.4.3 coarse unilateral reserved 2-3mm allowance.3.5 injection parameter checking method3.5.1 mold thickness + ejection distance + out products distance < maximum opening distance.3.5.2 mold thickness > platen of injection molding machine minimum closed distance.3.5.3 code template size is smaller than the largest injection molding machine template clamping size.Clamping force: F = P.A.10Note: F: injection machine nominal clamping force ( T )P: die on average pressure ( 25-40Mpa )A: projection area ( including products, CM2 channel )3.6 cavity qualifying principle3.6.1 cavity cavity at the same time, qualifying due to the uniform glue feeding.3.6.2 multi cavity mold each chamber qualifying compact, shorten the length of the flow channel.3.6.3 multi cavity mold the cavity spacing of not less than 15mm.3.6.4 products molding position and insert margins generally: small modulus 15-20, modulo 20-30 in 30-40, mass transport, should be considered while the reasonable arrangement of holes and screw.3.6.5 A board, B plate insert frame wall thickness is generally: small modulus 30-50, modulo 50-80 in 80-120, mass.The 3.6.6 insert frame after the B plate thickness is generally: small modulus 30-50, modulo 50-80 in 80-120, mass.3.6.7 insert molding thickness is generally: small modulus 25-35, modulo 35-50 in 50-70, mass.The 3.7 parting surface design principles3.7.1 choice of parting surface must first meet customer requirements.3.7.2 avoid WIP appearance line folder, such as unavoidable should as far as possible the thread clamping design is not easy to see the site in.3.7.3 parting surface shall be selected to ensure products remain in post mold.3.7.4 preferred plane touch wear, avoid inserting parting surface.Shenzhen Sheng made of plastic mold Products Company LimitedStandard problemThe inner mold provided with the meter gauge fan file numberFile versionPage 10 page third page number3.7.5 inserting parting surface should be designed more than 2 degrees slope; inserting surface height is small and big angle, inserting surface height takes small inclination.3.8 cooling system design principles: to meet the product structure under the premise of ensuring the full, cooling.3.8.1 hole design3.8.1.1 deliver hole size: small die for 6 - Phi 8, Phi 8, Phi 10 mold, modulus 10 - hole from material uniform distance, minimum shall not be less than: ( small die ), 15mm ( die ), 20mm ( modulus ) 25mm. holes spaced about the aperture to the 5 times, and the other hole wall thickness shall not be less than 5.0mm. water film cooling, baffle aperture of 10 holes with dia 6 fortune; baffle aperture of 12 holes with dia 8 fortune; baffle aperture of 16 holes with dia 10 fortune; baffle aperture of 20 holes with dia 12 fortune; baffle aperture spacing of 50-80mm, the same group of water transport water hole is not more than hole for phi 10 following BPT1 / 8 inch pipe joints, for more than 10 ( including 10 ) with BPT3 / 8 inch tube joint.3.8.2 hole and a water outlet design3.8.2.1, holes and lifting screw holes spaced shall not be less than 40mm. mold into the water outlet to design, injection molding machine in the back side, followed by the front and top surface, a bottom surface to avoid. into the water outlet and power, not in the same plane.3.9 gating system design:3.9.1 generally die channel design: mold locating ring diameter should be less than the injection molding machine positioning hole of small 0.1mm. gate set of spherical radius R should be more than injection molding machine nozzle spherical radius 1.0-2.0mm; sprue bushing small end diameter DInjection molding machine nozzle diameter greater than 0.5-1.0mm. sprue length should be as short as possible, in principle not exceeding 60mm. shunt tract should be a priority selection round, second ladder, not using semi circular and rectangular. Circular runner diameter: small die for 5 - Phi 8, Phi 8 big module, 10 - channel angle arc transition, the runner should be at the end of the cold slug well. For diving, cold slug well must be located below the feed inlet, a cold slug well depth is about 1.5 times the diameter.Shenzhen Sheng made of plastic mold Products Company LimitedStandard problemThe inner mold provided with the meter gauge fan file numberFile versionPage 10 page fourth page number3.9.2 fine nozzle mold design of the runner : identification of customer requirements is artificial or mechanical means in addition to the outlet. check out water required for open distance. avoid out of water and a limit rod interference.3.9.3 gate location design principle3.9.3.1 meet the plastic material flow ratio. does not affect the products appearance such as clip water marks, flow marks, such as serpentine. does not affect the product assembly. water easy to remove.The 3.10 ejection mechanism design principle3.10.1 mold ejecting distance should be less than the injection molding machine of the maximum effective ejector stroke.3.10.2 ejection distance that can easily retrieve products, and limited.3.10.3 ejector design principle3.10.3.1 top face avoid touching wear or plug. first uses the dome needle, followed by selection of flat top or Secretary extinguishers, to avoid the use of the push block or shaped thimble. thimble size according to the products shape determination : general small modulus = Phi 8, Phi 8 and phi 10 mold, modulus 12 - thimble end if aliens should be to prevent rotation. top pinhole wall thickness not less than 3mm.3.11 lines drawn core design principles3.11.1 effective core pulling distance should be greater than the products buckle size 3-5mm.3.11.2 should adopt rigid core pulling mode, and the design of locating device, avoiding only rely on the spring core pulling.3.11.3 line guide portion of length greater than the line height, slide guiding position of thickness not less than 5mm.3.11.4 line may slide plate length of 1 / sliding surface should be designed to slide.3.11.6 open state, the limiting spring should have 5-10mm pre compression.3.11.7 inclined guide pillar angle is generally taken 10-25, the locking block diagonal angle 2 degrees than the guide pillar.3.11.8 adopts an upper mold core pulling slider, should guarantee the mold condition more than half in type T groove.3.12 slanting tip core design principles3.12.1 slanting tip core angle not larger than 16 deg..3.12.2 inclined top width and thickness shall not be less than 8mm.3.12.3 general small inclined top ( width and thickness below 25mm) using the overall form, large inclined top adopts inlaying structure.Shenzhen Sheng made of plastic mold Products Company LimitedStandard problemThe inner mold provided with the meter gauge fan file numberFile versionPage 10 page fifth page number3.12.4 inclined top should design guide block, guide block thickness for general 20-40mm.3.12.5 small sloping roof in the ejector plate, generally use the trapezius seat slide guide structure; large inclined top generally use the guiding slide block structure.3.12.6 slanting tip core distance should be greater than the length of inverted 2.0mm above.3.12.7 large sloping roof should be designed cooling system.3.13 insert design principles:Design, considering the product accuracy, processing convenience, the strength of mold and the exhaust and cooling elements, priority should be given to the inlaying structure.3.13.1 inserts should be designed to avoid acute angle, and should be considered in processing, assembly and disassembly convenience.3.13.2 when the product is somewhere need to change ah, must be individually set out.3.13.3 when the product around the mouth, need whole set.3.13.4 when product bone in too deep to set out.3.13.5 when product somewhere complex structure, difficult processing to insert.3.13.6 gear products tend to set out.3.13.7 when products are fine irregular touch wear, generally to insert.3.13.8 when products are text logo, to insert, insert to insert, fixed by screws, mosaic range of text mark the outer decorative line.3.13.9 when the button and other products on the wear bit size is strict, often want to insert ( insert for the yellow card ), to protect the front mold.The 3.14 exhaust groove ( needle ) design principle:3.14.1 parting surface or designed for exhaust design inserts should be designed exhaust groove.3.14.2 exhaust groove distance for general 100mm-150mm, material located deep within the 10mm to run the adhesive principle, the depth of 0.5mm.3.14.3 easily trapped gas but not exhaust groove part should be designed exhaust needle.The 3.15 material selection and heat treatment of material selection and design principles : to meet customer requirements, to reduce the cost.3.15.1 general structure ( template, a limiting block, support column ) generally use 45 # steel.3.15.2 common mold mold, mold steel is generally used after P20, such as 40Cr, GS738, GS2311, 718, NAK55 etc..3.15.3 high mirror die die, die before after the selection of 420 class steel, such as 2316, 2316H, S316, S316H etc..3.15.4 heat relatively poor site general selection of alloy steel, such as Ampcoq40.3.15.5 requires excellent wear resistance, high toughness mold generally use H13 class steel quenching treatment, such as H-1, 8407, 083 etc..3.15.6 small inclined top general selection of FDAC steel; line selection, oblique top class P20 steel nitriding treatment. Major lines of seats can choose 40Cr steel.Shenzhen Sheng made of plastic mold Products Company LimitedStandard problemThe inner mold provided with the meter gauge fan file numberFile versionPage 10 page sixth page number3.15.7 guide slide plate, a guide block, the guide slide plate and small insert generally use T8A quenching treatment.The 4 mold drawing uniform requirements4.1 Objective: to unify the mold drawings specifications and drawings.4.2 : applicable to mold company engineering department, production department.4.3 drawings specifications4.3.1 General specifications4.3.1.1 drawings to clean, concise, clear, easy to read, not vague confused situation. inserts, parting line, plug, touch, slider wear such important structures site must clearly express.The 4.3.2 title barThe title bar is divided into two kinds: icon title bar assembly and parts drawing title bar. title bar" name" to fill in the method: ( see Figure 1, 2)Assembly:" * * * *"
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